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In support of this interpretation, the names began to appear in the other cases of apathy and indifference. There were also maintained in a similar vein, the various comments "fotelowych" scholars [ie, who sit in a chair and just deep thought, instead of looking at the relevance of his ideas in research - note. Crowd.] Belonging to the species-specific "research", where nothing ever fails to amaze and all have a ready answer to the press. All of them also saw enormous social consequences for Genovese and all used Laura Lion the word apathy, occurring also, surprisingly, in the headline article in the Times. Differed in the explanation of the causes of this apathy. One attributed it to violence poured in from television screens, the other - displaced to the subconscious aggression, but most prater movie reflections hardcore porn with laura lion on the "depersonalization" of life in the big city, with its "alienation of the individual social group." Even Rosenthal, a journalist, which led to the pictures laura lion extraction of the story to light, and eventually spent the entire book, signed the apathy caused by this theory, the conditions of urban life